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iziParty, what is it? Any new collaborative platform, iziParty is a genuine solution of research and reception rental to organize an event.

iziParty can develop offers and opportunities to rent a reception room, a garden, a second home ... for a few hours or days, near you or thousands of kilometers, for a family reunion, anniversary, wedding or corporate event.

For hosts who make an announcement iziParty is a tremendous opportunity to maximize their space inside and outside, for a few hours sharing a room, an apartment, a house, a garden ... for Tenants looking for a place privileged to celebrate an event, iziParty is a new original solution to a party close to home or across the world, cheaply.

Our community relies on your participation and your confidence. This confidence is maintained thanks to the honesty of its members, its ads, and its exchanges. iziParty attaches particular importance to the quality of ads but also honesty and usefulness reviews.

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