House with garden of 800m2

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Mason with living room of 25m2 overlooking a veranda of 12m2 with jacuzzi 4 people, all on 800m2 of land on which is a terrace of 25m2 with living room 9 places, high table with 4 chairs, barbecue, parasol. In the garden you have a garden furniture 4 places 3transat, a trampoline, a badminton court


HOUSEKEEPING: The cleaning package includes the cleaning of the spaces rented. However, please be careful not to leave the premises in a mess, by ensuring the storage of furniture, objects and dishes.
If access to the kitchen and its equipment is included in the rental, it is requested to clean them and take back all food and drinks (the cleaning fee does not include dishes or maintenance of equipment such as oven, stove, coffee maker, etc.).

DEPOSIT: A security deposit is required to validate the deposit requested by the host. Rest assured, this deposit is neither debited nor blocked on your bank account. Without a validated deposit, the Guest will not be able to access the place.

The host reserves the right to cancel the reservation at the expense of the Guest 48 hours before the event if the deposit on the deposit has not been made.

A deduction will be made from your deposit:

• In case of damage due to your recklessness or if the state of cleanliness of the place is considered unacceptable,
• If the number of guests exceeds the number written on the contract,
• If departure times are not respected
• Intervention of the police for noise, levy of 450 €
• If the rules of procedure are not respected

HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE: Garbage cans are at your disposal. Please respect the rules of selective sorting in force: yellow bin for cardboard, plastic and metal packaging; green bin for household waste.
No waste should be found in the outdoor spaces adjacent to the place.

PETS: The tenant has permission to stay with his pet. In this case, he undertakes to return the rental in an irreproachable state of cleanliness, not letting in any case appear the presence of an animal during the stay, including outside the accommodation. Any damage due to animals is the sole responsibility of the tenant and may be deducted from the deposit.

PARKING: It is not allowed to park a vehicle within the premises (garden, courtyard, etc.).

Be sure to close the gate at each entrance and exit.

Vehicles must be parked in the spaces intended for this purpose. Please instruct your guests in advance not to park in the driveway / on the lawn / in the dead end.

SOUND ATMOSPHERE: The announcement tells you the sound atmosphere tolerated during your event.

Be aware that indoors and/or outdoors, music is no longer allowed from 10pm.

Outdoor music is allowed.
The presence of a DJ is allowed.

SMOKING AREA: The area is not smoking.
It is not allowed to smoke inside the place, only outside.
Cigarette butts must be extinguished in ashtrays (and not on the ground) which will be moistened and then emptied into the garbage bags when you leave.

METEOROLOGICAL CONDITIONS: In case of adverse weather conditions, for a rental without the possibility of retreat indoors, the amicable postponement of the event is possible between the guest and the host as soon as a common date has been validated by both parties – the customer service must be informed of these changes in order to update the contract to [xxxxxxx]

These changes must be made 48 hours before the event, at no additional cost.

Otherwise, if no agreement on a possible postponement has been reached, the cancellation conditions adopted by the host apply.

NEIGHBORHOOD DISTURBANCE: Any nuisance considered as neighborhood disturbance or night noise can be reprimanded by law by a fine of 450 €, at the expense of the Guest occupying the premises at the date of the facts. The Host will have the possibility to charge this amount to the Guest or deduct it from the deposit if applicable.

COVID: The tenant agrees that none of his guests (including himself) will be recognized as contact cases or have any symptoms of COVID19 at the time of the event. It also undertakes to respect as much as possible the barrier gestures prescribed by the government.

Read the health protocol to be adopted in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic

Booking policy

Cancellation policy: Flexible


  • Total
  • Intérieur
  • Extérieur
Capacity & surface
  • Capacité debout : 31-50
  • Seating capacity : 21-30
  • Surface de réception : moins de 30 m²
Moment de l'événement
  • Matinée
  • Après-midi
  • Après-midi
  • Après-midi
  • Volume musique : 23h
  • Volume musique : Musique modérée
Tranche d'âge
  • Public enfant
  • Jeune/étudiant
  • Adulte
Moment de l'événement
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Entreprise
  • Association
  • School
  • Public
  • Eau
  • Electricité
  • WC
  • Lavabo
  • Réfrigérateur
  • Cuisinière
  • Sono
  • Jardin
  • Piscine
  • Barbecue
  • Tente
  • Accès handicapés
  • Wifi
  • Climatisation
  • Evénement professionnel
  • Soirée étudiante
  • Réveillon
  • Soirée dansante
  • Réception
  • Pool Party
  • Garden Party
  • Baby Shower
  • Fiançailles
  • Réunion familiale
  • Mariage
  • Anniversaire
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