AXA assurance

Thanks to a partnership with AXA, all rentals booked on iziParty are covered by a damage and liability insurance. So that your wedding, birthday, garden party ... or seminar leaves you only good memories, make the event with confidence on iziParty!

Insurance included with each rental 

A fire spreads in a reception room and destroys property

A water damage damages your rental and causes damage

The rental degrades a sound system

What does AXA cover guarantee?

The guarantee covers all rentals booked on iziParty

Material movable property such as furniture, audio equipment, etc. are guaranteed.

The guarantee also covers the civil liability of the iziLocataire, the damage caused by the one who uses the rental for an event. For information on the amounts of cover and exclusions, see the information sheet.

How to benefit from this coverage?

Simply by booking your rental on iziParty.

By renting on iziParty, your property is automatically insured up to € 150,000!

In the same way, this cover integrates a "Civil liability" insurance which provides insurance for any damage caused to the property of the owner of the rented space.

This cover is offered by iziParty and guarantees all bookings made via the platform - within the limits of the insurance conditions of the contract.

What is a franchise?

This is the amount that remains the responsibility of the insured in case of disaster.

The insurance is included in the iziParty service but it provides a deductible of 75 €. Note that if you do not declare a claim under this contract for 24 months, the first claim reported benefiting from a franchise waiver.

Example: an iziLoueur provides a sound system in its rental. Unfortunately a water leak damages this sound. Its value is fixed at 1000 €. AXA will pay € 925 for the compensation paid. The sum of 75 € will remain the responsibility of the insured.

When am I covered?

The guarantee is automatically included in the iziParty service (except exclusions stipulated in the contract) and is granted for the duration of the lease, which can not exceed 18 months, subject to subscribing to a new online contract.

What is not covered?

Warning ! there are a number of exclusions regarding insured property, certain damages ... refer to the information note to read it.

What to do in case of an incident?

In the event of an incident, it is your responsibility to declare it to Affiniteam, our partner broker by clicking here.

Warning ! Your declarations must be submitted in a timely manner:
- within 2 working days for the flight,
- within 10 days of the publication of the interministerial decree declaring the state of natural disaster if it concerns damage implementing the insurance of this risk,
- within 5 days for other cases.

Please include:

- your details, the nature of the incident (theft, water damage, fire ...) and its circumstances (date, location ...)
- a descriptive and estimated statement, certified sincere and signed, insured objects that have been damaged, stolen or destroyed
- invoices, guarantee certificates, photos or any other proof
- the filing of a complaint in case of theft

For information regarding warranty amounts and exclusions, please refer to the information sheet.

Click her to see the AXA Insurance Terms and Conditions - iziParty