Become Offerer

Are you an owner and you wish to benefit from an additional income? You are in the right place. Whether you are already an Offerer on another hosting platform or not, publishing your ad on iziParty is simple and free and can earn you money.

Simplicity and liberty

Only obligation, that your rental offers a space of reception sufficient to receive there a private or professional event. Your published ad, you retain its full control, modifying it at any time, accepting or refusing your reservation requests, fixing your availability, trading with the Applicants, managing your options, etc ...

Unlike a rental platform for hosting, renting for an event allows you to make the most of your space hour by hour, sometimes on less time slots for accommodation. In this sense, iziParty offers you an opportunity to optimize the rental of your property.

Smile, you are insured

Thanks to our partnership with AXA, world leader in insurance, all rentals booked on iziParty are guaranteed by a rental responsibility of the rented goods.

In addition to the Applicant, Civil Liability Insurance and the Offeror Home Insurance, the AXA insurance intervenes to guarantee the damages recorded during the booking. For more information, see the details of this warranty.

Add your ad for free

The deposit of ads is FREE and FREE. You publish, edit or delete it whenever you want.

To avoid any misunderstanding with the Claimants concerning the exact nature of your rental, the event of the Applicant, the number of guests, the number of beds ... Iziparty gives the opportunity to the Offeror to set up a multitude of features on its rental.

For more information, consult the Terms of Use.


Reservations are made on iziParty via our secure payment solution MangoPay. The Offeror is automatically credited to his bank account at the end of the rental.

We offer you the possibility to choose between 2 cancellation policies (Flexible or Strict). By choosing a Strict policy, you do not offer any refund in case of cancellation of the reservation. By choosing a Flexible policy, you offer a refund of 100% of the booking amount more than 30 days from the first day of the rental date and 50% to more than 72 hours from that date.


Our service fees are fixed and transparent. Among the lowest on the market, our commission of 5% on the amount of the reservation allows us to develop the visibility of our Offerors, and therefore their reservations.

Tips to follow

Before publishing, we advise the Providers to check that their insurer does not prohibit this type of rental (very rare but you never know), to broadcast quality photos and from different angles, to provide as much information as possible practices on the rental.

The Offeror undertakes to respond quickly to the Applicants who request it, in a spirit of benevolence and friendliness. In case of reservation, the Offeror agrees to respect the characteristics and promises of his advertisement, by taking care of his sense of hospitality and discretion.

The Offeror undertakes to make reservations for its rental on IziParty via our payment solution Mangopay.

Need help ?

For any questions, for example to receive advice on the hourly price of your rental, the booking process ... we are at your disposal to assist you.

Do not hesitate to contact us by mail ([email protected]), telephone (09 70 70 02 18) or via the chat directly on our platform.