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We make our villa near Bordeaux available for your events.
An idyllic setting that lends itself perfectly to all types of events in the Bordeaux region, enough to amaze all your guests!

So come celebrate your birthday or relax around our heated pool and our large plot of 2500m2.
A large stay is available for your receptions or evenings.
A couplet equipment is available so that all guests can feel at home: 10 beds, 5 bathrooms.


Please be careful not to leave the accommodation in disarray, including the storage of furniture, objects and dishes.
The 'Guest' will restore the rented accommodation in good condition.
Access to the kitchen and its facilities is included in the rental, but it is requested to clean them and take back all food and drink.

>>Aaccia Pool

The access and use of the pool is under the full responsibility of the 'Guest' and its guests.
- Protecting your child is always keeping an eye on him: before entering the pool area, you must equip your child with armbands, a float suit or a buoy adapted to his size (the equipment used must comply with the regulations in force and have not provided in the rental). Children are only allowed in the pool area under the constant and active supervision of adults.
- Bulky or sharp objects are not allowed in the pool area.
- Don't leave any objects in the pool.
- It is forbidden to insert any glass object or container into the pool enclosure.
To facilitate the maintenance and hygiene of the pool, please follow the following rules:

Avoid applying sunscreen or sunscreen just before bathing.
Make sure your kids go to the toilet before accessing the pool
It is forbidden to run, dive, jump, scream, eat, smoke or drink in the pool area.

>> Caution

A deposit is requested at the state of the places of entry, the latter will be returned to you once your event is over:
- the deposit is not cashed.
- the deposit must be given by bank cheque (750 euros) and 250 euros in cash, on the day of the state of the places of entry. Without bail, you won't be able to access the place.
- the deposit will be returned at the state of the exit or to the "Guest" 48 hours after its event. If your event ends at night, the state of play can be done the next day.

>> Household Garbage

Garbage cans are available. Please respect the rules of selective sorting in force: yellow bin for cardboard, plastic and metal packaging; green bin for household waste.

>> Animals:
The tenant is allowed to stay with his pet. In this case, he undertakes to make the rental in a state of impeccable cleanliness, in no way allowing the presence of an animal to appear during the stay, including outside the dwelling. Any damage due to animals is the sole responsibility of the tenant and may be deducted from the deposit.

>> Soundscape:
Loud music is tolerated indoors and outdoors. From 1am, guests are asked to lower the noise level.

>> Smoking Area:
It is allowed to smoke outdoors, however in urban areas, please ask your guests to respect the surrounding neighborhood when they go out to smoke.

Booking policy

Cancellation policy: Flexible


  • Total
  • Intérieur
  • Extérieur
Capacity & surface
  • Capacité debout : 0-10
  • Seating capacity : 0-10
  • Surface de réception : moins de 200 m²
Visit before booking
  • Authorized visit
  • Places in beds : 10
Moment de l'événement
  • Matinée
  • Après-midi
  • Après-midi
  • Après-midi
  • Volume musique : 1h
  • Volume musique : Musique modérée
Tranche d'âge
  • Public enfant
  • Jeune/étudiant
  • Adulte
Moment de l'événement
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Entreprise
  • Association
  • School
  • Public
  • Eau
  • Electricité
  • WC
  • Lavabo
  • Réfrigérateur
  • Cuisinière
  • Sono
  • Jardin
  • Piscine
  • Barbecue
  • Tente
  • Accès handicapés
  • Wifi
  • Climatisation
  • Evénement professionnel
  • Soirée étudiante
  • Réveillon
  • Soirée dansante
  • Réception
  • Pool Party
  • Garden Party
  • Baby Shower
  • Fiançailles
  • Réunion familiale
  • Mariage
  • Anniversaire
  • Has already rented on IziParty
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  • Email : Not verified
  • ID Card : Not verified
Contact me
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