Naudon estate mansion

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Nestled in the heart of a 22-hectare forest, on the edge of 2 lakes, our 350m2 house welcomes 19 people. A 12m by 5 minnow swimming pool with terrace and patio, an adjoining park of one hectare are at your disposal.
Bordeaux is a beautiful city: Hausmann has left us beautiful buildings. The port has become a very friendly place.
And of course The World Wine City and for lovers the famous CAPC, (museum of contemporary art). Talmont, Meschers, etc...
Taking the bac in Blaye, you will discover the Médoc and its prestigious castles.
Saint Savin is on the coast of Blaye and we are 5 km from the coast of Bourg. The visit to the castles here is very friendly.
The Nord Gironde has many advantages, the sites are very varied and not nothing to do with the monotony of the moors of the south of Bordeaux.
The house is a 19th century mansion. The master was the manager of the estate.
It consists of:
a kitchen of 25 m2 that overlooks a large shady terrace where it is possible to take meals.
a dining room and a 50m2 living room.
12m2 entrance
4 rooms of 17m2 including 1 with shower and sink.
a bathroom common to the other 3 bedrooms.
these rooms each have a double bed, so you can accommodate 4 couples or 8 people.
a 2-bedroom suite (27 sqm) with shower and sink: one has a double bed and a single bed; the other has a double bed so this suite contains 5 people.
a large room of 30m2 with 1 double bed and 4 single beds of which for 6 people. Magical place at home for !!! cousins
a TV room with a big screen and a 30m2 games room
The house is surrounded by a 1 hectare wooded park. very pleasant and safe but of course ask you to respect the plantations.
Balloon space is quite possible in some areas of the park.
The pool is secured by walls and locked doors. Opening the doors is your responsibility and we forbid access to the pool to anyone who cannot swim. An adult walks half the length. The depth goes up to 2m20.
Beautiful 19th century home, this house is ideal for receptions, family parties (birthdays for example) or small committee weddings.


We want to establish a relationship of trust and courtesy with you so that you can have a great time.
Our home is our main residence: we want to establish a relationship of trust with our tenants.
You will sign on arrival the discharges of our responsibility for the pool at the same time as the courtesy contract, because I remind you that this is our main residence.
We want groups to be covered by liability insurance that covers any possible damage.
A person will manage the cleaning of the pool and will be at your disposal to deal with any questions.
You can also drive to Bordeaux via the A10. and you have relay parks at the entrance to Bordeaux with the tram very convenient and inexpensive.

Booking policy

Cancellation policy: Flexible


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  • Capacité debout : 31-50
  • Seating capacity : 21-30
  • Surface de réception : + de 200 m²
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  • Places in beds : 20
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